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We started 25 years ago with the intention to provide support to women who had become refugees because of war in Kashmir.

Many women from Kashmir knew how to knit & that is why the craft of hand knitting was chosen. But their skill level was poor. We trained them to enhance their skill level to best in the world.

Over the years we have grown into a world class hand knitting facility with 1500 women working with us in 25 clusters across North of India. We specialize in Aran knitting. We knit fairisle with ease. We work with the best of world's hand knitting designers. We work for hand knitting yarn companies.

We specialize in knitting window display garments for yarn companies. We also develop designs & knitting patterns. We develop handknitting yarns from natural fibres.

We are committed to the development of the craft of Hand knitting. By the way we are also very good at Crochet.

Our Services

We knit garments for sale. We knit Aran for Ireland, Fairisle for Scotland & everything else for USA, Europe & Japan. We produce some of the finest designer garments for designers in UK & USA.

We provide logistics for import of yarn into India & export of finished products out of India including ,customs clearances etc. at both ends. Most of our clients use their own yarns. We are authorized by the Government of India to bring in yarns without paying customs duty at the time of import.

We develop garments from designer line diagrams. We also write the final knitting patterns.

We knit shop window display garments for hand knitting yarn companies. We have no minimums. We can knit 1 piece or 1000 pieces & all with different specifications if necessary. We have an advanced custom built software to help us.

We love to knit accessories, like Caps, Mufflers, socks etc. We knit interiors like Cushions, throws, Afghans, Rugs, Wall Hangings, lamp shades. If you have an idea we will knit it. And of course toys. We are not old. We still enjoy playing with toys.

We can develop hand knitting yarn in various classical natural fibres like cotton, cotton/bamboo, Silk, Linen, Cotton/linen, merino etc.


Fairisle defines the class

Aran is the tradition that has survived many rough seas.

Textured natural fibre is the fashion of the future.

Crochet - can not be underestimated. It has survived the test of time.